Is There Generally A Good Time to Stream?


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So last night I did my first live-stream, for just over a hour. Now I'm not a big channel and wasn't really expecting a lot of viewers. I just did it more because I was interested and wanted to try live streaming, and thought it might be a good way to give my channel some exposure.

I had about 15 viewers watch the stream, and a couple comments, but for the most part it was quite.

Now if any of you are more experienced streamers (or just want to let your opinion be known), what do you think is a good time to stream? Or if you don't stream, when do you usually get time to sit and watch some live-streaming?

At the moment, I don't really have any goals of being a big live-streamer, was just curious and thought this would be a good place to ask.


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First of all, 15 is pretty darn good, especially for a first time.
As far as being quiet, maybe just try to interact with people more, ask them questions and stuff...

As far as time slots are concerned, if you find one when there aren't many other (bigger) streamers online, and it works for you, you should probably go for it.

I haven't streamed (yet), but I've been researching it lately... Here's a podcast done by some famous streamers (CohhCarnage, JP, etc) with lots of useful advice on how to stream:

That's reassuring to know that 15 is considered good for a first go at it. I think streaming when there weren't many options played in my favour then (although I didn't plan it that way, just a happy coincidence).

Thanks for the link!


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I was wondering the same thing. I know that on twitter and some other social media a good time to post things is around 3-7 when people are getting out of work and school but I don't know if there's a "best" time to stream and get viewers. I'm guessing a lot factors in based on what you're streaming and what time you do it but I'd like to know more if anyone has info on it. The most I've had was about 7 but nobody was commenting or anything during it.


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I'll be doing a livestream Saturday night 8pm British time. It equates to 2 or 3 in the afternoon in America which is where the majority of my viewers will hail from. I have been actively networking the last 4 days so I have a good feeling on this one. Will report back on my numbers for it.


I wish I could stream just don't have the internet speed. As for best time I normally watch streams/videos when I am about to go to bed at around 9 - 12pm in Australia


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Well the stream went badly. Zero viewers. Will try Tuesday night.
Well, it also depends on what game you're playing. What you're doing. I've noticed people don't tend to stick around when things get boring on games lol

Do you use a webcam? Those tend to keep people watching.