Is Nintendo Switch worth buying?


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The title says it all. Do you think is still over price today?

Gamer Bhoy

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It's a fine piece of hardware and the games are all solid (especially the exclusives) but as someone above mentioned, it all depends on what you're into.
Then again the range of games are varied enough.


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I mean I think it matters if the exclusives are what you are into.
I think the portability is great but it’s worth waiting to see if it doesn’t just flop like the Wii U
I mean considering how it already outsold the Wii U,gamecube and soon N64 I doubt anyone can say it is a flop.


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I'm waiting for round 2 of the hardware. That also gives more time for games to get cheaper and the library to get bigger.
According to rumorville, I wont have to wait too much longer.


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If you leave your house ever and want to play video games on the game the best way then get a switch. It is starting the get an indie library to rival steam, okay maybe not that big but you get what I'm going for


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I haven't got one yet, but I'm planning to. I like how portable it is. Major plus for me. I do a lot of atandby shifts at work where I get posted to a location and sit around and wait to get called... and sometimes you don't get called.


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