Is Freedom really that bad?


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Unless a network offers perks that you really want and think can benefit your own channel, then I wouldn't recommend joining one.

You can Monetize your own channel through YouTube after a period of time. Not sure when they open that up to a channel though honestly.

The only difference is you're not paying a % of your earned revenue to a network in exchange for whatever perks they claim to offer you.

It also seems as if Damnlag is no longer able to be a network of its own under Creative Nation as YouTube is forcing all MCN's to get rid of sub-networks. So networks that you would find on the network list on Social Blade here would be classified as MCN's.


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This is not true.
The MCN'S that let there VN'S in to there CMS are forced to kick there VN's ( Sub network)
If they don't to that there MCN status will be removed.


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