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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Krayon, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. Krayon

    Krayon Noob Damn Premium

    Hey folks, Krayon here!

    I'm 20 years old and from Somerset,UK, where the internet is shockingly bad, therefore making online gaming quite a challenge - hence why I use PS3 more than anything else! :) -
    I started my channel not long ago and finally managed to get some videos up,
    so far I've only done a few 'let's plays' of Final Fantasy VII but I have quite a lot of ideas for future videos, and potential weekly/fortnightly series.

    My main aim for doing this channel is to make people smile and hopefully brighten up your day, so if I do that I'll be happy.

    Cheers :D

    Check out my channel if you like - [video][/video]
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  2. Krayon

    Krayon Noob Damn Premium

    Alright guys thanks for your feedback and ideas, I plan to do thumbnails for some videos, and improve my channel art - Though I'm glad you like my current artwork JG Dan :) - although considering I'm doing a let's play of FFVII, which is obviously a very long game, reducing the video length would result in like 30 more videos being made, so for this game I'll stick to 20-30 minutes, but yes for anything else I'll be sure to reduce the length to 10-15 mins!

    I also found your voice very easy to listen to, might be the accent. Sultry and seductive. I mean what?

    Well that's an awesome comment if ever I saw one, thanks mate haha :p

    Also try to record in the highest quality possible if you can or in 720p.

    I believe my FFVII videos were all recorded in at least 720p, possibly better, but when you've got a classic PS1 game it's always gonna look a little bit low quality, but hopefully future videos of modern games will be good quality :) Altough the videos only seem to say 420p so maybe it had something to do with my eiditing software, I dunno!
  3. Neverwind

    Neverwind Noob

    Hello Krayon

    I watch your videos, and I agree with JG Dan and drakenseng with the custom thumbnail and have a high quality but overall your channel is great :D

    Love how you started with FF7, Awesome game!! Did you know over 300+ people are playing FF7 streaming on twitch?

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