Intro to my series

Hi! So I'm not looking for an intro that just says my name, I'm looking for an intro that starts with the words "Late Night Conversations" and then after that other words pop out saying "With VingtHundred and Friends". I would need this intro to not be one of those super loud very bright intros, this one needs to be calm, very chill, I can provide music but it would best if you came up with song, again it would need to be a quiet and chill song. The only rules I have are please do not use templates, and if you choose the music, please make sure it's not copyrighted and tell me what the song is before you edit the intro to go along with the song (to make sure I like the song). I am willing to pay, I don't know how much it would cost but we can talk it out, to contact me just follow me on twitter and reply on the forums here that you followed me, so then I know to follow you back and then we can dm. Thanks :)


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