Intro/Outro Music for LP's


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Hello, my name is Steamw0rks, and I am a music producer of sorts. I focus largely on melodic/electronic music.
I am offering tracks to be used as intro/outro music for Let's Play channels.

I have no desire to charge for use of my music. My only interest for now, is to provide Let's Players with a tune they may fancy and would like to use, as well as the simple credit for the track(s) used.
You can check out some of the type of music I make over at my SoundCloud;

And I should mention, that if anybody is excessively interested, I am definitely willing to do custom tracks.

For any inquiries expressing interest, please just write to me via email, and we can discuss whatever you'd like;
Thank you. :)

(I don't know whether or not to consider this advertising. So if it is, I do apologize. That is not my intent.)


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