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Hello everyone!

My name is Vocosol, and I'm somewhat new(started in January of this year) to YouTube videos! Like most people, I'd always been a viewer, until I finally decided I wanted to try jumping on the train of people who were actually making videos, not just watching. I started out with LCPDFR(a popular GTA:IV police mod), and have sinced moved into Minecraft, and a series where I'll be playing a random game every episode as a sort of mini review, preview, and gameplay video mixed in to one. Where I'm still getting started, there are a few videos that aren't as good as most, and quite a few technical errors that I'm working out as I go along. I would greatly appreciate any comments, suggestions, subscriptions, or general feedback on my channel if you're interested in watching!

As for me personally, well, there's little to say. I'm 17 years old and currently living in Nova Scotia, Canada. I have a part time job at a grocery store, drive a 23 year old car, and am very interested in computers and technology as well as gaming. I'm also currently developing a game on my own, however I haven't thought of a title for it yet. I'll be posting news about that on my channel as I make more progress.

Like I mentioned above, I'm always open to suggestions and feedback on how I can improve myself in both YouTube videos and gaming in general, so I look forward to becoming a member of the community here!

See you all around!

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Hey Vocosol, your already a regular member but welcome to the community anyways!



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