Indie Game Makers I want you!


Hey Guys!
You can call me Watson! i'm writing this thread as I would like to play the games that you Indie Developers are making! and if I really Enjoy them, with your permission, I would love to put them up onto youtube! that way I can play awesome games, and you as a developer can get some recognition and get your game noticed! The Genre of game does not matter at all! i know many people are fixated on horror! and I would love to get some good scares out of a horror game! But I would also like to play some 2D Arcadey styled games and some action/adventure themed type of games!
anyway, if You're interested in me trying out your game, please leave me a reply here or Email me at: as I would love to give you developers some feedback! :D
hope to hear from you guys soon!
- Watson


This is a youtube forum. If you're looking for indie developers they'll be on indie gaming forums.
Off the top of my head, i'd recommend talking on,, and checking steam's greenlight
talk to the developers that stick out, though note some devs don't check their inboxs often, or balance indie development with studies, jobs, etc.


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