In need of an intro!


I would love to have an intro for my YouTube Channel.

What You Get:
A Subscription from me.
A shout-out.
Your channel in the description.

What I Need:
A 3D Intro that includes "PsychoticDave" in it. If you can do a graphic equalizer, that would be awesome.
A way to get in touch with you.

Add me on Skype. MegaDarkAngelLP


New Member

If you are looking for an intro/outro I would suggest checking out Official Designs on youtube
There is a bunch of intros/outros which are free to use as long as you feature or link the channel in the video description

They are pretty easy to edit/personalize and a few people in the comments are offering to do it for you as well if you don't have access to the needed software :)

here is the link to the channel:


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