Im new, i need help. what parterneship do i join?

Discussion in 'YouTube Partners & Networks' started by Ori, Apr 17, 2016.

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    Hey, My name is ori and im a teenager from isreal. i started youtube 1 year ago. i have 30 subs and i enjoy making content. i just recently started my way with freedom but after the bad comments i stopped it. (by that i mean on my youtube dashbored it sais:
    Account status
    MrxKillerr - Gaming and more!
    Partner Verified
    i dont know what that means! am i partnered?!) i dont really need the money, (of course i want some) but i want to gain popularity. i need help with all thats going on with adsence and im looking for a partner from the EU to record with!
    please get in contact with me on skype if u can help me! means the world to me! skype name: Saar Bracha
    Channel - MrxKillerr -Gaming and more!
    Please help me! - ori
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