Im new here!

Inari Michelle

New Member
From what I see it looks like this is only for gamers, I hope not lol. I'm still taking the time to look through the site. YouTube is what I eventually want to do for a living. I hope I can meet some new people and new subscribers out of this. Also I do permanent 4 sub. If you sub me I'll sub back, like a couple videos, maybe comments and I'll share you newest video on my Facebook where I have 3,672 active friends. Let make a come up together!


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Damn Admin
Hey @Inari Michelle, welcome to Damnlag! This community was created for creators in mind. You will notice that a lot of members here are in fact gamers. You're more than welcome to stick around. Some of the content and strategies that help channels can work with channels other than gaming related content. ;)


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