PS4 I'M BACK! Here to gather a collab

It has been a while since i last uploaded on my channel (For personal reasons) and i want to change that, so i wanted to do a collab on some games that i have whether i join a group or make one out of scratch. Note if you seen some of my videos (possibly not) i seem to have a group already, the group is not disbanded or anything like that its just they're not looking for anymore people (for now) and they normally do a session every week.

Anyway enough about all that, i'm looking to meet someone new and hopefully we can schedule a session, if you interested all you need to do is contact me on my Skype 'Dread Chemical' or you could contact me through my YT channel but before you do that make sure you have met my requirements down below.

- Above age 16
- Able to download TeamSpeak (Like skype or discord)
- Have at least GTA V

My Games (i have a lot)
Elder Scrolls Online
Rocket League
COD Black Ops 3
Smite (Free)
Battlefield 4
And others that i cant be asked to type in but i do not have the new battlefield 1 which i'm hopefully gonna get on Christmas hopefully


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