I can help with Fraps & Bandicam :D

Discussion in 'Game Capture Devices & Programs' started by Garedactyl, May 26, 2015.

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    I've tried A LOT of different screen recording software programs, and Fraps & Bandicam are by far the best in my opinion. Fraps is great for windowed and fullscreen .exe games, while bandicam is great for its custom rectangle recording area that can be resized and moved. If you ever had problems with audio & video being out of sync when using Bandicam, that's because you're probably using a compressed codec, or a codec that compresses video as it is recorded, and that's bad. Using an external one such as the Lagarith codec will remedy that :D If you have any questions, feel free to ask :D
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    Yes and also yes. lmfao A great idea is to film with fraps, then use handbrake right after to decrease video size. Even with settings that barely compress the video at all, Handbrake can still cut the video size to 1/10 it's original size :)
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    I've had nothing but trouble out of FRAPS. I am using it to record NES gameplay on a machine capable of running modern games, yet I get regular drops to 3 or fewer frames. There is no appreciable help online for it either. "Record to a different drive" doesn't work, and it's the only answer out there. From what I can tell, FRAPS is pure trash.

    I tried using OBS back in my Blacklight Retribution days. You shouldn't need a degree in video editing to find the damn record button.
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    Hahaha i was just going to say OBS!! We love it. Minor flaws every now and again but overall fantastic

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