How to get subs?


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hi friend I know a little bit how can I help you a little bit to surpass the amount that you are expecting.
There are some youtube sub groups i used but there tends to be a lot of spam if you would like to know more just ask me but what you are doing here is good send me your channel name i will watch a few videos


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Step 1: Create a YouTube Channel

Step 2: Create Content

Step 3: Promote said Content to people interested in places that allow promotion.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 - 3 over and over


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rule of gold for video that i think i found out will all the things i read and watched is, capture the person watching right away like as soon as the video starts, then keep it straight to the point, videos with more then 30 min or 5 even can be hard to capture the attention of. and keep it short. then finish in a cool way. basically that is YouTube its like TV but they removed the ads now they added them again.
FYI i'm still applying this at the point but still i think i'm on the right track at least.
AND i'm down for some collab in apex that looked fun.


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