How To Choose an Editing Style?


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Hello Everyone!
I'm kinda in a creative block recently.

I want to create gaming videos but I don't know how I want to edit my videos. I love to watch both highly edited frag movies and funny moments style videos (Like Andrew JRT or ThatPunchKid). My main game at the moment is Fortnite and I really want to create content, but I don't know what editing style to choose. Any help/advice would be appreciated, please and thank you :)


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I personally want to say when it comes down to editing style think of it like...sampling someone else's style of editing. Truthfully, there really isn't a "unique style of editing" since most of the time it's an idea you got from someone else but kinda changed it into your own style. So if you want to try and do Funny Moments style videos you can do that, it's kind of a personal preference. And I think Funny Moments have more...capability when it comes down to trying something different.


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