How often should you upload views to start growing?


well, i've read that you need to upload every day to make your channel grow, especially if you're a new channel. the truth is that i had other music channel where i uploaded weekly, and i could never grew it. what do you guys think? do we really need to upload everyday?


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Uploading daily will get you nowhere if the content isn't any good. It's much better to put out a great video once a week then seven rushed out ones. "Quality Over Quantity".


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the truth is that i tried that and my older channel never grew :/
Well it's also more than just putting a video up and leaving it.
You have to share your videos, join communities, and be an active member in hopes of getting your name out there.


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  • Depends on the content.
  • Title of the video can play a role if its popular keywords, could be hidden behind other popular content with similar titles.
  • Description and keywords play a role, make sure you're using the proper words to describe your video(s).
  • Uploading on a regular basis, whether daily, multiple times a week, or once a week can play a role in helping your channel grow. But that does not guarantee that your channel will grow. The type of content and everything else plays a role in your channel growing.
  • Keep uploading content that you're happy with, and your channel will grow over time.
  • Make sure to respond to comments, show people who comment that you're there and interacting with them.
  • Promotion. The ways you promote your videos can help as well. Can't just upload a video and expect it to be seen. You have to fight other content creators for viewers in todays day and age of YouTube. Share it on social media, forums, and other places that allow for you to share your content.
It can be anything, you just have to continue uploading and experimenting with different things.


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