How much/little music is Fair Use?

Discussion in 'YouTube Monetization & Copyright' started by TabulaRasaGaming, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. If you're doing videos for youtube, the youtube audio library has some sick tunes and all of them can be used on monetized videos.

    As for fair use, realistically for an intro none of it will fall under fair use (unless it's an old classical recording where enough time's passed for it to become public domain).

    Bensound at also does some good tracks which are free with creditation (literally just put n the description that he composed and performed the track or in your outro) and can be used on monetized videos.

    Also, you can contact some of the smaller or more independent minded bands. A friend of ours managed to get permission to use an NOFX song on his videos.......incidentally he ended up going a bit mad and now lives on a farm on Israel (true story I swear),pretty certain the two things don't correlate.
  2. Pixel Bandits

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    There are loads of free to use youtube music clips, but we were lucky in that the lead guitarist of my band made us our intro / outro music for nothing. Think he got it pretty bang on as well

  3. Ryatta

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    In my experience I've generally been able to get away with 15 seconds of music safely without any claims... though my old intro trailer used nearly a minute and I never got claimed.

    More recently I've mixed music tracks together when playing current music, switching lyrical versions with instrumental for a few seconds.. it seems to be enough to allow for extended periods of play
  4. BijutsuYoukai

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    Honestly really just avoid commercial music if you can and try some license/royalty free music instead, as there are actually a good amount of that if you look for it. It's too much a pain having to fight a copyright claim in the end.​

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