How do you guys go about editing your videos? (Efficiency)


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Just curious, I usually have a problem where I start editing a video then I lose track, or lose interest in a project.


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Well, I can't really offer a way to edit efficiently but I'd have to say if you are losing interest while editing, then it probably wasn't a good project to start.

My philosophy is 'If you have FUN making the content, the consumers will also have FUN with your content!'

Also, making content will always be hard work. If you ever lose track of something, I'd say write down your progress and what you were planning on doing.

You can also make a storyboard of what you wanted to achieve or write down everything you want to include in the content but if you can't fit everything just cross it off the list. Basically a 'To Do List' for editing your content!

Hope this might give you an idea of what might work for you!

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Cut and paste mostly because my videos pride on mistakes and I turn it into a running gag that sometimes i'll miss an edit or too or I try to it into a WTFF moment lol


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Hey! Pretty new to this (two months, give or take) but I feel like I've come a long way. Something that has helped my efficiency has been JUST START EDITING. When I started out I was absolutely terrified that I'd lost progress or mess up, but just like with gaming, frequent saving and tons of practice have gotten me extremely comfortable with it.

Used to keep a notepad log of every cut and deletion that I made, that it soon became overwhelming. Something that takes me 1 hour now was taking me over a day to do, on top of the time it was taking to learn the new skills.

If you don't like how something is turning out, you can always change it up. That's the whole beauty of editing.


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I use Hitfilm express, its export are a little big but that dont matter none, and as for productivity just keep on keeping on something will get out and you'll have a finished video in the end.


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It's a bit late but I'm trying to get posts in somehow and I actually do have a method for making my editing more efficient. I save projects and presets for things that I reuse at all and make sure to have it possible to implement quickly and effortlessly. In fact, I actually dedicate the time I'm NOT editing a video to making the process of editing inherently easier. This can happen in a few different ways but again, the main ones (for me at least) being saving presets and projects for quick and easy use.


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