How do you get fast subscribers?


My gaming channel is doing well but a bit slow its on 73 subs with more than 1000 views which is good as a new channel, i upload at least 4 times per week and its getting likes and comments so there is interaction but also its slow compared to the views i get , i saw some youtube channels with no content and no videos and they have 2k+ subs, like how lol

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I'd say the numbers above are very good! In my opinion, views and interaction is wayyyy more important than just subs. For all you know, those Youtube channels with no content but thousands of subs is probably a channel who bought subs.


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Post content that is unique, helpful and entertaining. Gaining subscribers fast is nearly impossible unless you get help from some already famous YouTubers. If it were easy and fast to gain subscribers, everyone would be in that boat.

Think of YouTube growth like trading stocks in the stock market. Unless you get lucky or have inside information that is going to trigger a stock, you'll only earn a little bit of money each month. A year from now though if you keep your money invested, you will most likely have a lot more money than originally starting. I kind of lost where I was going with this, but you probably get the idea.


YouTube doesn’t grow fast, it takes a lot of time, especially if you are making gaming content. So just stay patient and keep making and improving your content.


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I think youre doing well! Yea some channels have bought subs so dont worry about that. Keep consistent and keep upgrading your content and you'll get there in no time


You're doing great so far man. You just have to keep grinding out videos and being consistent with the content. It's a long journey but if you keep at it you'll find success, good luck!


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I've been trying my best as well, i'm at 39, i'm still finding that perfect fit but i at least know what content i'm making and i'm ready and willing and i have the equipment to make quality content so i just hope people have the chance to see it.


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mate that's way more than mine... i've just started posting on youtube, would appreciate if you guys could take a look at some of the content or give a shoutout.. desperately wanting to get this thing working. maxmadgamer


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