How do you do it


I try to upload every other day and it isn't the easiest. Sometimes I like to get ahead so if I'm not feeling up to making a video one day I still have a few ready to go which really helps out!


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If starting out I wouldn't recommend making a tough schedule. I see a lot of small youtubers having a big schedule, then not following it, then uploading a video with the reason why they were suddenly absent for 3 weeks, to finally upload another video one week later telling their subs he/she is going to stop.
For example: I upload 1 video a week and use the whole week to try and make the best video I possibly can.

It also depends on your content as well. If you want to upload daily (or very frequently) I recommend uploading some raw gaming footage with commentary every now and then. Just to give you some time to work on bigger videos while maintaining your schedule and lowering the risk of getting a burnout.


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