Hi There!

Hey Guys, I'm Ryan and i thought it might be a good idea to reintroduce myself. I used this forum very briefly back in 2014 and haven't been on since. Not gonna lie, I feel kinda guilty about that, but that's life. It's hard to keep track of everything sometimes.

ANYWAY, I have a YouTube channel called ThePsychoticEnigma and i mainly focus on PS2/PS1 games with the occasional new game thrown in here and there. I also post a fair bit of art content from time to time like speedpaint videos and viewer requested drawings (Usually the requests are mental like Sean Bean getting killed by Agent 47 with a can of Heinz Beans. No joke). Recently i've been getting into animation and look to release a new animation by the end of the year.

I figured that rejoining this forum would be a good way to interact with other creators and even learn a thing or 2 from this forum. I'll definitely be checking out other people's content on here as well unlike last time where i just upped and left.

Looking forward to meeting people on here!



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