Hi my name is Chaz! :)


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Hey, my name is ChazGaming
  • I make gaming commentaries, advice videos and trolling videos. I'm am a fairly new youtuber I guess :p
  • I am currently at 800+ Subscribers and 7000+ Views.
  • I have been featured on channels such as videogames and FirstPersonTroller.
  • I am a big forum fan, I've moderated and had experience on many different forums so, I decided to sign up because of my love for forums and YouTube.
I hope to see you all around the forums! :)


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Hello Chaz! Those are definitely some nice statistics my friend, welcome to DamnLag! ^^
Hello and welcome to the best YouTube Gaming forums in the world!
See this place as a community more than a tool.
Stay active with us and people will show some interest in your work!

P.S.: Trolls are always welcome, this world needs more trolls ;)


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