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I'm mojoinaboxx, I have recently started a new channel on youtube and am trying to get it to grow so by doing web searches and asking questions I ended up finding this forum.
My Channels name is The Poo Pals it started as a joke to be honest, but from the response given from almost everyone has been so positive I can't help but to want to watch it grow. So basic premise of the channel is well, we all go poo and I know myself and many others tend to browse youtube while attempting this feat. So as a joke one day my friend had his wireless headset on while he went poo(Not as awkward as you'd think when you've been friends for 15 years) anyway I jokingly said I should start doing ASMR to help him go faster and we cracked up over the idea, so as a joke I started the channel and made the first video. It was a hit with everyone I talked to and they have shared as much as they can. Since then I have written at least 4 other videos and posted them each one with varying success. But the thing is I have a lot of ideas and am enjoying the writing aspect of this so much I don't want to quit. I already have a video comic idea that will be coming to the channel as soon as possible it will have horrible drawings well because I wasn't blessed with that talent but I'm going to do it anyway because I feel like it will be funny 3 of my other friends will be voicing 3 of the 4 main characters I will be the 4th. Not sure where to go from here other than keep creating content which I have loads of ideas for so shouldn't be a problem. Hoping to use this forum to maybe gain some insight as to how to get more view on what I have currently and maybe even meet someone that would like to work on the comic with me. I can't post links yet because I'm noob status at this point but I hope you all will search the channel out and at least give it a look. The Poo Pals, you'll know it's right when you see titles such as The Brown Bear and You Vs Poo.


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Hello @mojoinaboxx, welcome to Damnlag! Creating new original content is the hardest part of managing a channel. Seeing that you have loads of ideas is a good thing. :)


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