Hey! We are TheKays!


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Hey! We are TheKays!
(Kevin & Klaudia)

We just started going serious with Youtube together and we would love to introduce ourselfs to everyone!

Let's start with some background of us, we both have a long history on Youtube with different channels, from having gaming channels with thousands of subscribers to drumming channels! However, the reason we are here today with our new channel is because we want to start over with something we really WANT to do. We want to combine our passions together and create awesome quality content. My (Kevin) big passion is filmmaking, to produce videos with quality image and sound with story. Klaudia's big passion is to drum and create music. So why not combine these two? For an example, if we create some sort of short film, then we could produce our own music in our own creative way and combine these elements with what I do best, which is filmmaking.

Our vision for our channel is the following;

We want to create quality content every week, we want to make different kind of short films, travel short films, story short films, music short films.. etc. We want to combine games with reality..
There is so much we want to do, but we have to start somewhere first, first we have to get going with actually producing content on Youtube. So therefor, on wednesday & saturday every week, we will post a new video to our channel! Every week we will try to aim towards a more specific area, but first we just have to start. Thank you for reading this!


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Welcome, guys! Good luck with your new project!

Leo Ventosa

lovely! welcome to the community :D Goodluck to your journey :D


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Welcome you two! Seems like you two could be a lot of fun to watch, so I'll check you out when I have some more time!

In any case, enjoy your time here!
Hello and welcome to the best YouTube Gaming forums in the world!
See this place as a community more than a tool.
Stay active with us and people will show some interest in your work!

P.S.: I really like the idea of combining filmmaking and music creation. It's awesome.


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