Hey! My Name Is Dynamont! | New Channel :)


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Hey! So I used to be on Damnlag under another name called "Rogue" I have since done away with that channel and made a new one called "Dynamont"

I am so happy with how things are going at the moment and the hopefully additional support from you guys would honestly mean a lot. :)

Like I said it's a brand new channel so it could do with all the help and support you guys could throw at it (If you think I'm worth it :p)

Here's a link to my new channel, It's primarily a Survival Horror / Adventure Game focused channel. I hope that appeals to at least some of you. :)

If you want to talk about anything please do drop a comment or a private message to me and I will usually respond within a day. :D

Thanks for all of the support on my old channel and this one. ;)



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Welcome back to the forums sir! :D


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