Hey just wanted to say ive started up a channel would love to hear your views


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hey guys. I have just started a youtube gaming channel and would like to hear your views about it give me some hints and tips i only have one video up at the moment but would love to hear from you. also il be happy to watch your videos and see how i can improve. id also like to get to know some of you guys and even make some gaming videos together maybe prop hunt and so on



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Welcome Crash!

Right off the bat, your name might become a challenge, because it's so generic. Just search for 'Crash' on YouTube ;)

But your channel is great, like, really great. You can tell you did research before you got into YouTube, and it shows. Your Amnesia video is actually really good already; your energy is great, quality is decent and the gameplay is smooth. As a sidenote, I loved the length of it.

Anyways, yes, this can become something good. Let this forever be the day where you got your first subscriber. If you ever feel like talking about more in-depth stuff, come see me on Twitter or DM me on here! ^^

Good luck man!


Hi Crash,

Yeah checked out your channel as well, your already off to a good start.


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