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You may call me biased, but you can grow your channel a lot more at DamnLag than most networks. But i'm biased. :p
I am going to second what @GamerPerfection just said. And to add to it, realize that for ANY network to ACTIVELY help you grow, meaning promoting you, etc., it's going to cost them money and resources to do so. If your channel isn't large enough to generate enough revenue to cover those costs, they're not going to do it. It's simple business. Outside of that, anything a network can "provide to you", can be gotten yourself without giving them a cut of your monetization.

And at the end of the day, Network or not, your growth is entirely dependent on your ability to get out there and make it happen.


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Thankyou GamerPerfection! So if i join a network (CURSE in this case) i am on my own for monetizing etc? I will obviously ask before i join, but that is the most likely scenario?
Hello. No networks really give you the "right" to a game. Before I had my own network I was with TGN. I could still not upload for example, Call Of Duty. You can upload it but they will be very picky, for example you will have to have a voice over or the volume very low on the game. If you are interested in maybe checking out our network as well that would be awesome!


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PS: Sorry for the late respond.