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So this monday coming up, me and some friends where planing to do a voltz let's play. However we diden't want to do a full playthrue persay, but morelike a minigame of sort.

The current idea is all off us (6) play in an arena of aprox 15000 blocks in diamiter. Then, using missiles, tanks, planes and guns, try takeout eachothers bases.
Currently however, we are at a loss of what rules should be in place...

Should all missile be allowed? Should some blocks be banned? What classefy as a destrooyd bace etc.etc.

We where planing to build our bases using creative, so should we put some limits to what you can build?

PLEASE come with suggestions as what you would find interesting and/or funny!



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Hey @Chicken Teriyaki, I'm not aware of what the game voltz is or how it works, so I won't be of much help when it comes to specifics. However, you guys could come up with the rules that you guys believe are best and go with it.
  • Could ask people in your YouTube video if they liked the rules or if they think you should change them up.


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