hello girls and man girls vgzombieeric here

Whats up, brand new to this site, and i'm about 2 months in on my youtube channel.

I play all kinds of things, but have started getting into rage games (ala I wanna be the guy, electronic super joy, cat mario).
I don't really do full lets play's, mostly montages and whatnot, I'm slowly learning and growing my channel and expect great things to come.
I got some vids with face cam on the way, and learning how to edit better. I'm still a pretty small channel with 12 subs and 210 views but I'm growing a community of friends that I play games with and really enjoy playing with.

Anyway heres the link if you want to check it out. here

Tell me your favorite game in the comments!


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Hey [MENTION=2124]vgzombieeric[/MENTION], welcome to YouTube Gaming!


Welcome to Youtube Gaming [MENTION=2124]vgzombieeric[/MENTION] ^_^


Welcome to the forum [MENTION=2124]vgzombieeric[/MENTION]! Enjoy your stay! And my favourite game is Minecraft haha;)


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