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My name is Jin

Introduction: My name is Jin and I live in the United States
. I've wanted to be a YouTuber ever sense I watched big YouTubers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. I was about 8 or 9 when I started watching them and I started my channel at 14. As of right now I am 15 and still trying to get my footing in YouTube. Over the year Of me doing YouTube I have gained 150 subscribers but I fear that I don't start moving faster I wont be able to make it a full time job, which is my main goal.

Content: games I play, I love horror games and any games that I can play with my friends. In the Future I plan to stream as well. I take all of my comments to heart to make my content the best it can be. If you're in any way interested be sure to check it out and subscribe if you like what you see! Thanks!

Any feedback on how to grow or suggestions on content/criticism is very appreciated.



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