Headsets or Mic?


As a good example i know the Youtuber EthosLab has used a headset since he started his channel and you can't tell a difference between that and a lot of channels that use mics. At the end of the day it's all about preference and the product you buy, if it's a $20 mic and a $100 dollar headset the headset will probably work better.


overall, a good microphone will cost you a little more since you will probably want to buy the stand, filter etc.. that most of the time don't come with the microphone. I have a blue Yeti which i paid around 150$ and an AT2020 XLR which (since not usb) i had to buy an interface (in my case the ProFX8). I have 2 desk arm and can't live without the AT2020 now, even if it take space. As it was mentioned above, you still have pretty decent clear headsets, look at Sennheiser.


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I used to use a headset mic before and although its wasnt awful i still prefer using a standalone mic.
I use a headset, though the sound is not perfect, it's not so bad i think. I also have a standalone mic, but there are too much noise, and i can't do anything with them. :cry:


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