Guess it's time to introduce myself


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Hello everybody hope yall having a good day so far. Name's PiercedTalentz, I've been clean and off the bott- wait wrong forum :giggle::wait:.

I've been a Youtuber for 5 years now, most of my videos are comedy/news/tips, new uploads every Monday, Wednesday, Friday! Live Streaming is one of my favorite things to do, love interacting with the viewers :happy:. Soon too start will be a "Lets Play" (first segment will be Far Cry Primal).

Appreciate anyone who checks out my channel! Any and all feedback is welcomed. Game on:rock:!

PS. already checked out some of your channels, this is definitely a cool community:cool:


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Welcome to DamnLag, YouTube brother. Hope you'll learn a lot here and further advance your channel! :)


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Hello and welcome to the best YouTube Gaming forums in the world!
See this place as a community more than a tool.
Stay active with us and people will show some interest in your work!

Heck yea man, watching a RE4 lets play from a member on here


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