GRAND THEFT APOCALYPSE!! - GTA Zombie Cinematic Teaser Trailer

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    Hey guys!

    So I decided to try something new and get into a GTA Mod series on Zombie Apocalypse settings! I spent DAYS watching tutorials, guides and videos on how to edit and script to get the character clothing, the maps, the mods, the weapons, sounds, animations and a ton more in the correct format for the most optimal viewing experience. This is a teaser trailer to a series I will be doing on the Simple Zombies Mod on GTA, and every episode will have a short cinematic opening such as the one shown here. If you guys like the video don't hesitate to shoot me a like, subscribe if you haven't already and throw me some comments on what you liked and would like to see next! Thanks so much for all your support guys! We're two subs away from 100 which is flat out AWESOME! Thanks again guys!!


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