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    Okay so being new to YouTube and all this. I have heard many different things about how one is paid on YouTube. I heard it all depends on the amount of likes you get on a video relative to the amount of subscribers you have. I have heard that you get paid a certain amount for each like and subscriber you get. It's all very confusing. Is there anyway anyone knows how this all works?

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    You have to be a YouTube partner, either directly with YouTube or with a MCN (YouTube Networks). Then you need to add ads on your videos in the video manager.

    It do not depend on how many likes you get on your videos, it all depend on how many monitized views you get on your videos (How many people there are watching ads on your videos). You will probably hear about CPM (cost per mille), this means how much you will get per 1,000 monetized views. The CPM is not fixed, the CPM change depending what month you are in, in december the CPM is generally at its highest, while in january there will be a drop due to advertiser will not have a high marketing budget in january as in december.
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    I think hes hit the nail on the head there, Views and watch time is what will then entail more money form monetization. Hence why alot of people say subscribers dont really matter
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    Well these values are not far from reality. btw you can make much more on Vimepot. at least there you control your videos and earnings. i will share more once i get 5 posts ;)

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    So I know that you do get paid more if someone does click on the ad, if it's like a banner ad that pops up while your video is still playing (it is against YouTube's rules to spam click these on your own video though so you probably don't want to do that).

    The reason is the following, and these numbers are made up just to get the idea across. An advertising company will pay maybe 10 dollars to have their ad placed as a banner ad in 10,000 videos that just gets their name out there. However, if someone clicks on an ad, then they get charged a little extra, such as that one click on the ad counting as their ad being placed in 100 videos. The reason for this is because someone who clicks on an ad is statistically much more likely to actually be interested in the product and is likely to purchase something from their website, so YouTube has successfully commissioned a sale.

    I also know that certain ads pay out more per click. If it is an ad for a razor company that sells a 10 dollar razor monthly package, that will not bring in as much money as an ad for a mortgage loan, which will bring in hundreds, or thousands, of dollars a month depending on the property. So the mortgage company may pay out 25 cents when someone actually clicks on their link and the other may pay out 1 cent.

    Since the google ad sense is targeted at what you've already searched for, the ads that get displayed on your video are actually just dependent on your audience. So if you cater to an audience that googles very expensive stuff, then you'd have a larger income per ad. But of course having a lot of small payments from the ads works well, so in general just having a large view count will get more people seeing ads and more clicks on them and you'll make more money that way. :)

    Edit: I know some of this from ASCAP/BMI (song royalty collection companies) and what they put out in newsletters since YouTube is a competitor for Spotify. So this may be more for music videos, but I'm guessing they aren't much different. Haha
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    You dont have to get partnered with a network: you can partner with Youtube itself aswell.

    Getting 2000 views doesn't mean you get payed for all of the 2000 views: alot of people use adblock for example. You only get payed for the views that actually got an advertisement.

    Last thing I wanna say is that if you're small you should just partner with Youtube , not a network.
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