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    Hello, I'm ProfessionalRik.
    I go by Pro Rik, for short. It's catchy.
    Rik, if we're not in public.

    I'm a lifetime gamer, it's pretty much all that mattered to me until I was 20.
    It's still pretty much all that matters to me, but I got married,
    so there's other things, too, now. I'm 26, as of the 24th of May. From the States.

    I'm a weird guy. I haven't had a computer for the last 5 years,
    so I didn't care much about YouTube or anything, just kept gaming.
    I tried to keep up with some things, but tracking stuff on your phone is annoyingly tedious.
    And before that, I still had never had a personal computer.

    Then around 2012, I started hearing about Twitch.
    But with no PC and no capture device for my 360, wasn't lookin' good.
    Then the Xbox One came out and it was going to offer apps and whatnot!
    I say to myself 'this is my chance!' I guess I shouted it to myself, huh?

    So I get my hands on one of these bad boys and I start streaming everyday before work.
    For a while. I didn't understand promotion at the time, so I got nowhere, really.
    Without a PC, I couldn't do cool overlays or sound effects, and I could hardly chat.
    Got some really cool fans, out of the few I did get, though.
    Then I heard about Markiplier.

    Now, I had been on YouTube a few times before, made a cartoon here or a music video there.
    Didn't take it seriously. Certainly never thought people would watch gameplay videos.
    Didn't make sense in my head, 'play the game yourself, wtf is going on?
    Millions of people subscribe to this nonsense? The guy openly admits he knows he fails at this.
    Maybe he's using subliminal messages...yeah, got be it.'

    Then one day, I'm watching him, and it dawns on me. We're not watching a game get played.
    We're watching the player as he plays. Which made total sense to me!
    My wife had brought such things up, that people like to hang out around me a lot;
    even when I'm focused on the game.

    So, realizing this is more than just a chance to be seen gaming,
    this is a chance to hang out with the world!!
    I loved the idea that I could tell a joke once and make a million people laugh.
    So June of 2016, I borrowed a laptop from a friend and started learning the YouTubes.
    Studied all the little things that make a channel great and then got to it.
    But still no capture card.
    So, you'll love this;
    I streamed the Let's Plays live, then downloaded the video from twitch and edited it for YouTube!
    And this went on daily for months until September.
    Still didn't understand promotion, but again, made some amazing fans from the people I did get.
    Then I started experimenting in Gaming News, then I just stopped.
    Just fell off the radar. Didn't post anywhere, didn't upload.
    Soon, the laptop was retrieved and I was left unable to continue.

    Until a few months ago, an old friend/mentor from school moved into my neighborhood.
    He works in IT, salvages computers as a hobby. I make a request.
    He immediately agrees, one free salvaged PC for the awesome gamer friend!
    Few months go by, I get this computer.
    He warns me, it can't do everything, or hardly anything, but it should be able to edit videos
    without dying.
    I was ecstatic, until I realized I don't have any PC equipment.
    I was lucky enough to have an old mouse and keyboard.
    Was there something I was missing?

    My phone could record sound, maybe that would be enough.
    So I used my phone and gaming headset to record some voice overs.
    I started experimenting in Gaming News again.
    This was 3 weeks ago.
    I made 3 videos in a day about gaming news, just to prove to myself I could.
    Short, but sweet.
    Then I made another video, same voice over method but I put it over game footage.
    I was robbing a bank stealth solo in Payday 2.
    I made 2 more gaming news videos before being requested to review a game.
    I gladly accepted, as it's one of my life dreams to review games.

    The game was Gladiator Manager, I would say it was in Pre-Alpha phase, practically.
    But I loved the idea that I'd get to do a PC game video.
    Recorded my voice over on my phone again and then brought dat bitch to edit.
    Video came out great! I was definitely proud.

    In the mood to make more videos, one day I did amazing on Paladins for Xbox one.
    I was like "OMG I HAFTA SHO PPL DIS" so I compiled the clips and gave it some music.
    I have a music guy, his name is Ritorikal, he's really great.
    And I loved the compilation, it was a fantastic montage of epic win.
    Then I had the idea for a series based on all the clips I have from games,
    because I do actually record a lot of bits of awesome when I'm not streaming.
    I come up with the core concept and get to work forging my start of the series.
    First, I did Overwatch, for obvious reasons.
    Second, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, I had some clips from my first time playing and being amazed.
    Third, GOAT SIMULATOR! Because. That's all I got, just because.

    Then today, I made my first Let's Play in a long time. It was Bully!
    I posted it in the daily thread because, well, I want you to see it.
    It felt so good to do a Let's Play again.
    And I have better editing software now, so I actually enjoyed the process.

    Anyways, that's my recent history with gaming and why I'm on your site.
    I'm just here to meet gamers that love and respect our world as much as I do.
    I study it's history, it's art, it's industry.
    Gaming Culture is my life.
    From Bertie the Brain back in 1950s Canada to every mobile game released.
    It's all part of my favorite thing.
    One of the only things that really matters to me.
    All of it.
    Any of it.
    Even back in Mesopotamia when we played with bones and dice.

    And if you're thinking "WOW THAT WAS A LOT OF INTRODUCTION FOR NO REASON" --
    -- I know, but odds are someone read it, thought it was cool.

    It's not all about getting reactions from people, sometimes it's about simply leaving an impression.
    I'd like to think I've left one here today.
    Thanks for your time and I hope you'll join me.

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  2. ONI

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    Welcome to damnlag! That's quite the introduction! It sounds like you really enjoy what you do, which is awesome! I hope you like it here! It's a great place to be :)
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    Hello @ProfessionalRik, welcome to the community! That introduction is impressive. There really is a big puzzle to getting content recorded, edited, and uploaded to YouTube. There's ways to make it simpler, but everything cost $. If you're able to do what you're wanting to do, keep doing it. But I'd recommend a pc microphone and audacity at least for recording voice overs.
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    Taking that much time is dedication, I hope you reach your goals and exceed them

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