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I've been on YouTube for a while now, but lately I've been slowing down (taking a break), but alas my break is over, and it is once again time to work on my channel. Although... I have no online friends to begin the new set of videos for my channel XD so here I am looking for some gamers / youtubers who want to work with me and make an awesome group for video recording!!! My channel is here - - if you seem interested let me know send me a message, preferably through youtube. I don't have an Xbox anymore, I'm currently doing online videos for PS4 (Minecraft, Rocket league, Black ops 3, GTA V, Etc.) and PC (Garrys Mod, Unturned, Speedrunners, gang beasts, pretty much any game on PC I can get) So send me a message, and lets get cooking, or um... Working... Playing??? Hmm... Lets make some videos. :cool::h::party:


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