GalaxyV Network - 60% Revenue Share | Accept Reup Content

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    GalaxyV Network - 70% Revenue Share | No Lock-in Contract

    Hello ! My name is Truong and I am CEO of GalaxyV Network

    GalaxvV Network would like to invite you to join our partner program:

    - Requirements:

    Channel is in good standing

    Channel have atleast 3000 views in last month and 10 subscribes

    Your channel created and exist less than 14 days

    Accept Reup Content

    - Payment:

    Start 70% Revenue Share, which can grow up to 90%

    We will get a popular payment by 15th of every month via Paypal (Frist month: after 45 day termination of month)

    Ex: January monetized views are paid out between March 15th Febuary monetized views are paid out between Apirl 15 th and so on

    - Contact Us:



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