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Which is better: Fullscreen or Freedom?

Unfortunately, I've heard some negative things about both. For example, I read full screen haven't payed some people, and I surly don't wanna go somewhere where they keep me if I am not getting payed.

If they accept either one, am I bound to go with them, or can I refuse and go else where before joining the channel? I read somewhere I am not legally bound unless I accept them.

In conclusion, which of the two are the best for a beginning gaming channel?


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Hello there,

i havnt had any experience with full screem, but have been told they are ok. However if your looking for promotion and support with your channel, we have just recently moved to Freedom MCN as a Sponsored Network, if you wish to apply with us go to: http://freedom.tm/geekcastmedia

Questions? Tweet us @GeekCastMedia or email us: help@geekcast.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Kind Regards,
Eddie Bingham
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Whats up Brosike!

Alright so firstly, both great networks
i don't think either would scam they would hold back the money for a reason.

Alright so overall,
I'm with freedom working for ''Gamers''
I've been with gamers for about lets say 1 month. I've gone from 0 to 100 Subs in about a month, they actually help a lot.

So here is what i can say.

My name is Shivam and I’m a Recruiter for MGN Gamers! I stumbled across your content on YouTube and I personally really enjoy it! I enjoy it so much I’d like to invite you to join our YouTube Network.

I myself have a YouTube Channel and I understand the amount of time that goes into making content. Like creating Thumbnails, Editing, Rendering, Tagging, Titling, and then promoting it…

Sometimes you may not get the views you’d like and that’s where we step in. We offer many tools for you to utilize and grow from it! We have a community channel with currently over 10,000 Subscribers. All of which are very active! If you are interested in uploading your content to the channel. Simply fill out a form and send it to us.

We also offer:

No Lock-In Contract -
Leave at anytime if for whatever reason you don’t like MGN Gamers! (With a 30 days written notice)

Transparency -
We aren’t one sided. You can see how much money we make and you’ll have the ability to see your earnings in real-time!

Giveaways -
Daily Giveaways with cool gaming loot such as Gaming Monitors, Keyboards, Computers, the occasional car or house, and so much more!

Does that all sound interesting to you?
Visit our YouTube channel or our website!



Contact me personally below:

Twitter: /GeeGeeGweppo

Email: Just Private Message me i'll be happy to send you additional details , just don't want to share in case of spam

GeeGeeGweppo :)


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Well I don't really know about both that much since I'm new to Youtube. I'm partnered with Freedom but I am still seeing if it's good or not.
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