Freedom! Network: Best Network for small channels!

tKo Spurr

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Hey guys. I have been a partner and about to be a director with a network named Freedom! for over a year now and just wanted to let you know guys know how awesome it is. When it comes to forums, its vey siminlar to Damnlag. With profit sharing, they are very fair, 80-20 I believe. They give you Youtube tutorials for everything imaginable, branding kits, intros, etc. After I lost my 1.1k subs, I was down at 200. Since I have been partnered, I have grown over 300 subs, and the community is great. If you wanna get partnered with them (which alot of you guys havent partnered with anyone), I recommend doing it!
Here is my referral link:
If you click that you can get partnered right away, and using that link helps me out a bit ;)
I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope this helped you find a network!