Free Youtube Channel art, Logos and Thumbnails to Subscribers!

Hello to those of the Youtube Gaming Forum. My Name is the Uncharted Virgin. For a while now and I have done quite a few cool projects and videos on my channel. After many years of being on youtube I have noticed that there are a lot of channels that do not have professional and creative branding for their channel. I personally have made many thumbnails and banners and logos for my channel and my friends channel. Now I would like to apply my services to the community of Vultra. All you have to do is Subscribe to my channel, and send me an email telling me what you would like and any ideas of how you would like your art to look like and possibly some proof that you have subscribed. I hope to hear from you all soon.



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Damn Admin
You should showcase some stuff that you've done in the past so that people are more motivated to work with you.


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Wow that would be amazing! But i already know how to make my own channel art and logo but i just wanted to ask you could you make videos on how to improve them or make em better?

Also welcome to the forums!


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