Free banner/ channel art for Youtube Custom Made


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Hi re-posting this with more info on what i do.
I Can for a limited time create free custom banners and icons for Youtube.

All i need to know is:
Channel name:
Text for banner/icon:
Any pictures:(url/link)
Description of what you want:
Custom font:
And also any extra comments:

These are for a limited time as i am getting back into photoshop and eventually starting t make custom ones at a small price > so get yours now while its free



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Have you got a portfolio with your stuff?


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unfortunately no i have a link to a some art i did for soemone the other day but havent got a portfolo going yet
Can you make me some banners and icons? My channel name is DUMBASSDANNY. For banner text I want my channel name and for the icon I just want two capital d's in them like this: DD.


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Hey there, i was hoping you'd be able to help me out! Im looking for a metallic-y feeling icon for my pokemon based channel. Id love it in a green shade with a beedrill if youre still doing it :) Please and thank you my god sir!


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