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Discussion in 'Graphics Showcase' started by Waistel, May 1, 2015.

  1. Waistel

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    I need some help. My channel banner has been bugging me for a long time. I absolutely love my avatar.

    But my channel banner doesn't have the same "wow". It used to just be a beard with a font I find works well on thumbnails because it's very clear. I tend to use "Tahoma (Bold)" for many things. I changed my art to a design with panels featuring different games I'm playing on the channel. The plan is to swap the panels when I move onto new games.

    The main issue is that the font simply doesn't work with such a complex design. Here's how it looks at the moment:

    As you can see, the text is too flat and uninteresting.

    Does anyone here have any suggestions? What font to use? How to make it stand out? Anything?
  2. MiliMate

    MiliMate Active Member

    Hi buddy,

    I feel your struggle. Try to see if you can find a font here that might suit you >

    They're specifically aimed at gaming fonts, and is a place where I have also gotten some of my fonts from. Also, I don't know what program you use when creating a banner, but if using Photoshop, certain effects can do wonders. I have just recently received that feedback myself, and am working on it!

    Best of luck Waistel,
  3. Dyspa

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    For me i use photoshop and do simple text things as you probably noticed in my channel, i hate took graphic design though, i like to kind of make every character singly with a rotate sometimes as it adds a big effect aswell as either using drop shadows or inner shadows, im currently using inner shadows :)
  4. Dyspa

    Dyspa Member

    i use 'The Luckiest Guy' font
  5. Kevfactor

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    just finished my portfolio (cant really show because too much personal info).

    anyways that banner is better than you think! the problem really is more in the design than the typography(although you want to avoid strokes). maybe things are a little too consistent. in design that's borning!you of course want structure with grids but having everything even and centered leads to flat designs.

    for the type honestly i think legibility is key over adding fancy shit in there. a logo is fine for fancy but past that the main intent of words is to be able to read em, not look as a work of art. :)

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