EshanCraftYT Network! Partner Today!

EshanCraftYT Network is a innovative Youtube Network that is both for small and large Youtube Channels! We are a Gaming and Vlogging Channel specialist, however accept channels of all genres, and have a variety of channels among our Network.

So why join the EshanCraftYT Network? Here is a short promotional video that explains the key points!

Benefits include;
  • 70/30 Revenue share - If you are a larger channel, you could be eligible for a higher revenue share.
  • Monthly Payment To Your Paypal Account! No Tax withholding or forms to fill!
  • 24/7 Live Support with a Person Support Manager
  • Grow Your Subscribers, Views and Earnings Dramaticly!
  • High CPMS! ScreenShot Evidence
  • Unlock Partner Features, and ability to monetise your videos!
  • Sponsorships and Partnerships with a variety of websites
  • Gaming & VLOG Channel Specialists!
  • Discounts and Promotions on Equipment
  • Become a Affiliate on our new Affiliate Program! Receive 10% of every partner you refer to the network FOR LIFE!
  • We help you, no matter how small or large or channel is! We are a network who cares!
  • Short Contract, Leave at any time after 3 Months if you are unhappy! (We have a 100% partner satisfaction rate to date)
  • Customizable contracts depending on your channel and needs!
  • Partner Spotlight Videos (Weekly)
  • Tutorial Tips/Tricks Videos on the HUB Channel!
  • Youtube Certified with experience and knowledge!
  • Team of over 25 Staff Members at hand!
If you would like to learn more, ask a question or need help, please message us on our live support or give us an email and we will be happy to assist! If you are with a existing network such as Freedom, BroadbandTV, AwesomenessTV,Fullscreen or Machinima, We guarantee to beat their contract and satisfaction!

If you are ready to become a Partner, Or would like to find out more information, please visit our website. You can do that by clicking the button below, or following a hyper-link underneath.

Visit Our website | Partner Your Channel | Become a Affiliate
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Benefits include;
  • 70/30 Revenue share (Highest Around) - If you are a larger channel, you could be eligible for a higher revenue share.
Highest Around? Really? Damnlag gives 90/10 share.


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