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How much time do you put into editing? Is it hours upon hours or right after you record it is good to go?
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I've worked out a system where I can churn out a 10-12 minute episode in 30 minutes, as long as there are no VID/AUD problems that need to be fixed and I don't add any extra graphics or joke edits.

I can then burn through a series of 8-16 vids in one whole day if there are no interruptions or surprises. I save the final render to my Google Drive as I go, so they automatically upload to the Google Cloud, and then they're ready to import into YT almost instantly.

Sometimes though, if the recording is problematic, or I get an idea for a joke / addition, I can spend 2-3 hours on one vid.
Do you do lets plays?
I do cut commentaries and if you watched any of my videos you will see I edit so much irrelevant things for the purpose of comedic relief so my 3-4 minute videos take at least 45 minutes sometimes longer.

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I spend about 3 hours on editing a 30 minute video (Switching to full facecam when I have a weird expression on my face or something like that) . When I record I record the game and face cam separately so I have to match them.

At the end of every video I have an end screen where another video is played partly and there is a subscribe button on it. After editing I create the flv file first and watch the whole episode to see if there are really no errors and then if everything is ok, I upload it to YT. After that I use YT annotations to make the subscribe button and the "also watch" part on my end screen clickable. Then on YT I watch the whole video again.

It takes a lot of time, but for example when I upload a video like that (like the last time) I gain 4 subscribers with just one video! To see an example look at this:


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I used to upload uncut videos but then I realized that my commentary was not amazing. So to counter that I started editing my videos to like 5-6 min. Usually I'll play for like 1-2 hours and then cut all that down to a few minutes.
It all depends, since I'm new and suck at editing it takes me like 2 hours sometimes, maybe more to put it all together. That's mostly because I have to rewatch what I recorded and then decide if I want to add anything.


Well it varies with the type of the video, even in the LP category. There can be games that don't need so much editing (not even cutting if they are one-off, maybe just removing some dead air moments) while others do need something more (especially when it's time to edit the facecam size frame by frame, that is the latest technique I learned) but I think that spending a bit more on the editing is well worth!
Also ironically the shorter the video the bigger the editing time, is something I noticed


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Typically I can have a video ready to go in about 25-30 mins. Gotta sync up both my game and voice audio tracks with the video footage, adjust the audio levels, cut out any parts where I'm taking too long or keep messing up on a certain point.


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I record a video I'm prepared to use, I think to myself the edits/features I want to add to my videos and depending the length etc, I get on with it.
With me, it can all depend on what I decide to include in the video.

If I decide to include a facecam, maybe a lot more time than one where I don't include one. Because not only to I have to jump-cut the GP but also my facecam, and when you double the cutting, it's double the time..

Recently, I've had to take away the facecam from any future Call of Duty videos because not only does it take long to edit, but I hate the facial expressions that I make when I'm trying to shoot someone! When I see no-one else doing this in their videos, it does make it seem extremely embarrassing!


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My content now is a lot more edit heavy than it was when I first started uploading videos. I'm approaching it now where I want my videos to be entertaining and concise, so I spend usually 4-5 hours editing a video.


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