Earth Atlantis - All 25 Boss Battles + Intro & Ending + Credits & Boss Images - 4k 60fps


A recording of all the Boss fights in the game one after another using the Nautilus. Includes all 25 Boss Images at end of video. Achieved after beating each Boss.

Intro 0.00min
1. Gomoron 0:08min
2. Siren 1:26min
3. Megadron 3:06min
4. Takodon 4:41min
5. Apolloda 5:23min
6. Colossus 6:54min
7. Angelic Siren 7:37min
8. Tridon 8:33min
9. Rotodon-Alpha 10:46min
10. Electrodron 12:57min
11. Titan 13:52min
12. Rotodon-Electra 15:39min
13. Tentacon 17:23min
14. King Dragoron 18:48min
15. Gradion 19:22min
16. Queen Tridon 20:41min
17. Proto Megalodron 22:05min
18. Apollodon 23:43min
19. Goliath 25:04min
20. Demonic Siren 26:29min
21. Rotodon-Omega 28:41min
22. Pathenaut 30:46min
23. Pegaros 31:17min
24. Megalodron 32:21min
25. Poseidron 36:15min
Ending & Credits 37:20min
Monster Images (All 25 faced) 37:43min

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