Does gaming help with Traumatic Brain Injury? I think so.

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    Hey DamnLag, Joey here.

    A friend of mine told me about this place and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s freaking awesome. So, this in the introduction section and I should get on top of that.

    We should drag this back to the start of it all back in 2009 (ish) when my tank decided to be blown up. I’m sure it was a total accident because the baddies would never do that to a tank. Cause tank reason’s. Anyway, that landed me in this awesome place called, Germany. Love Germany… A lot. While I was there a lot of doctors put things in a lot of places. Good thing I have a TBI because I can’t remember the places things were put, because it was all the places. Have I mentioned grammar programs are awesome? So is Germany but less distractions back to topic. Their I was, lying in bed when the doc comes in and it goes maybe something like this:

    Doc, “Son.” Holds papers.

    Joe, “Yea?” Lays in bed.

    Doc, “Your brain.” Throws papers for dramatic effect.

    Joe, “Yea?” Lays in bed.

    Doc, “Its damaged!” Fly’s off on a magical unicorn.

    None of that conversation happened but that’s how my brain remembers it. Also, I know a conversation happened because I have papers saying all the places where probed! Anyway, moving on. Lots of challenges to overcome and then a Doc introduces me to video games to help my focus. That’s when it happened, I became a Gamer.

    A few years later I gave YouTube a try because it looked fun. That turned into video editing, that turned into graphic design, that turned into audio producer thing. It was and is a blast and I’m super grateful. Bonus, I get to watch my extremely gorgeous wife work on some of my videos and that’s very satisfying. Also, Germany. For reason’s!

    Now I’m at the point where I really want to polish what I do. I need like minded people to rip my projects apart and tell me how I can do it better. I want to expand my style and grow as a graphic artist and content creator. So, thanks for being awesome and reading my post. Also, Germany. Again.



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