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Please use this thread to share your discord server with the community. That way we do not have numerous different threads that people would have to click through to find different servers.

  • Discord Server Name:
  • Discord (non expiring link): https://discord.gg/gXtVcz5
  • Discord Description: A community of YouTube creators, Twitch and Mixer streamers. Promote, chat, share, collaborate, or even get graphics created from one of the many graphics designers we have in the community.
  • Amount of members: 1322
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  • Discord Description: A community of content creators for YouTube, Twitch and Mixer streamers. Promote, chat, share, collaborate, and Media Entertainment from ExitiumTV in media such as videos, articles and reviews! :)
  • Amount of members: 56 on Discord and 94 on community forums


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Discord (non-expiring link): https://discord.gg/nh7EpGK

Discord Description:
---Welcome to "The Loyals" ---
This is a gamer-friendly server made to meet cool new weird people and potentially become friends!
We do: socializing, gaming, chillaxing etc
What we offer: - Gaming
- Music Bots
- Voice Chatting
- Memes
- Youtube Videos
- Youtubers
-Live Streamers
-And much more to come as we always strive to improve our server!
Amount of members: 126
  • Discord Server Name : Ready Player Parker
  • Discord (non expiring link : )
  • Discord Description : Just a place to come chat and also suggest some content / give feedback. As the server grows I'm likely to add more.
  • Amount Of Members : 2...… At the moment xD
Feel free to come join and say hi :)


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Discord name: Machinima Creators
Non-expiring link: https://discord.gg/jXYwxfD
Description: I set up a Discord for machinima creators to chat and come together to help create machinima! I was having trouble finding body actors for my machinimas so I decided to set up a new server and try to help out and recruit people who are interested in all aspects of machinima.

Number of members: 6


  • Discord Server Name: TanMistaGaming
  • Discord (non expiring link): https://discord.gg/rDgtDCJ
  • Discord Description: A community of gamers including games but not limited to League of legends, Maplestory M, and much more! Trying to build a community where Maplestory M users can run elite dungeon regardless of server and have a party to run with! I know the struggle of finding party members when running elite dungeons so i was hoping to use this discord server as a solution to that problem!
  • Amount of members: 57
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Discord server name: party rock in the hou
this is where i go to cry and plug my youtube channel and cry


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