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  1. Dayn Brian

    Dayn Brian New Member

    Discord Username (include #number):
    - Dayn Brian#1344t

    How old are you?:
    - 20

    What country and timezone are you in?:
    - Malaysia and GMT +8

    Which position are you applying for?:
    - Moderator

    Why do you want to be a Damnlag Discord Moderator?:
    - To increase communications between admins and members
    - To increase awareness about the presence of Damnlag
    - To make a place where gamers can chat with freedom!

    What prior moderator/administration experience do you have, if any?:
    - Owner of my own discord server with 60+ people

    Are you familiar with all discord server rules and channel rules?:
    - Yes I am

    Anything else you'd like to share?:
    - I hope Damnlag can be the place that gamers dream of. The place they can meet other gamers to chat and play with.

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