Discord Affiliate/Partner Roundup


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If you run a discord server and you're interested in becoming affiliates/partners with other discord servers, use this thread to do so. That way we don't have numerous different threads that people have to click through.

Simply share your discord server link, name, description, and what you seek out of the affiliate/partnership.

All affiliate/partnership's are expected to promote one anothers server inside your server if you agree to becoming affiliates/partners. Any other requirements are to be discussed by both server owners.

Discord Server: Damnlag
Discord Contact: Damnlag#0795
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/gXtVcz5
Description: A community of YouTube creators, Twitch and Mixer streams all coming together to promote, share, collaborate and chat about everything related to YouTube, Twitch and Mixer.
Affiliate/Partnership Expectations: Promotion of both servers. We have a channel where we can share or you can share your discord server, description of the server.


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