Did You Build Your PC, Or Buy it Built?

Discussion in 'Computers, Science, & Technology' started by JackWhiteVlogs, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. JackWhiteVlogs

    JackWhiteVlogs Member

    I built my own PC, but many just order their PC online pre-built. This is all fine, but if you would, please let me know why you chose one or the other. I built mine because it was cheaper to build then to buy, but I would like to hear some other answers.
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  2. TheWalkieTalkies

    TheWalkieTalkies Member

    I used to use a generic HP Compaq that I bought off eBay. I doubled the RAM and upgraded the processor from a Core 2 Duo to a Core 2 Quad. Finally, I put in a random USB card I had lying around. Used that PC until about a few months ago.

    Anyways, I built my current PC simply because I feel it's more flexible and free compared to a pre-built PC most of the time. I also love tinkering and building computers, so it's a plus when I built my own!
  3. Freakazoid

    Freakazoid Member

    build....cause if you buy you can't have the specs you want for yourself. build cost less than buy.

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